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Project Scope and Services:
To develop a mobile application for kids and teenagers suffering from Type-A diabetes, featuring self-management tools, ensuring adherence of taking insulin, monitoring healthy diet and promote activities; providing comprehensive self-education on how to live well, and manage this disease on daily basis.
• User Research
• Information Architecture
• UX & Prototyping
• UI & Product Design
• User Testing
Research and Product Discovery
Wireframing / Proof of Concept
Gathering product requirements, outlining main user features, analyzing discovered information, and applying User-Centered Design approach in the early stages of proof of concept development.
Sketching / Information Architecture
Using schema, device limitations, user findings and basic mental model principals to help to outline low fidelity prototype, meetings the needs of the patient without complex navigation and steep learning curve.​​​​​​​
Low Fidelity Prototyping
Key MVP Features / Navigation
Design service journey and experience maps to properly understand the problem before executing a proper solution, to rapidly validate solutions with end users, and to ensure product stakeholder sign off before build begins.
Product Functionalities / Element Behaviors​​​​​​​
Iconagraphy was designed using material design influence to properly resonate with the user. Minimalist stroke approach was used to replicate Google ecosystem and being able to give it a Native App look and feel.
User Interface Design
Atomic Design System
Using Brad Frost​​​​​​​'s Atomic Design principals, I was able to unify style, iconagraphy, typography, and color scheme into cohesive look and feel, targeting specific demographic audience as a primary App user.
User-Centered Approach and Trending Practices
Highly detail-oriented assembly of digital elements resolve in easy to learn and use features, like measuring blood level, monitoring food intake and following daily exercise regiment, resulting in reducing health related problems.​​​​​​​
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