Project Scope and Services:
To design and develop a Situation Awareness tool for high profile public places, in order to assess and prevent critical situations, based on their severity and live analytics data. In the modern age of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive User Centered design approach, this digital application stands out from its’ competition.
• Design and User Research
• Information Architecture
• Prototyping
• User Experience Design
• QA Testing

Cognitive User Centered Design
UI Designed for Situation Awareness
Built on universal user centered design principles this platform allows its user to scan situation, apply mental model and illustrate a schema, based of which any critical situation can be prevented before it happens.
Product Discovery and Prototyping
Icons, Styles and Components
Main objective is to build a very easy to navigate App targeted for any type of user. Ability to Sign In and select from multiple accounts to manage campaigns and study analytics.
User Personas
Each user of this platform has specific roles based on which various tools features and functionalities are available. For those roles a lean user personas were created in order to build out empathy journeys and user stories.
Figma - Collaboration Prototype Tool
Figma is the almost perfect tool for building product. It's has the abilities of Adobe XD, InVision, Zeplin, and Sketch. It's In Browser WebAssembly core allows users to simultaneously work on same projects without slowing.
Content Management Admin System
Platform is designed to assist IT Managers and Admin Integrators to manage all of the devices and sensors without using second party tools and complex diagnostics. See and administer your entire network via monitor.
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