Project Scope and Services:
The Ask #1 was to redesign website Main Navigation, providing complete design overhaul and overall improvement in user experience. Second Ask was to create a flowchart, information architecture and subsequently high fidelity prototype for filing Claim Report due to an accident. All of the products are to be user tested and iterated upon findings. All deliverables to be in Desktop and Mobile responsive view.
• Design and User Research
• Information Architecture
• Prototyping
• User Experience Design
• QA Testing

Research and Discovery
User testing and Contextual Injuries 
We have tested various user groups and had multiple interviews upon which we had a substantial evidence of much needed UX improvement of the main navigation. These finding answered a lot of "Why's" and "What's", subsequently guiding us to the right product solution, when comes to user experience, brand awareness and overall design satisfaction.
Universal Design System
Responsive Design
Aiming for 50/50 average traffic we took into account all of the digital devices and how easy is it for the user to locate a needed service. Having new Mega Nav and multi-tier mobile navigation allowed to display more options with clear separation, scan-ability and access.
Strong Case for User Flows
In order to provide a strong linear user experience we had to design numerous flowcharts until it fitted with timing, resources, and perfect uninterrupted journeys to completion. This step is particularly crucial in achieving high conversion results for new and returning customers.
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