MotorTrend Group
Project Scope and Services:
To design and develop fully responsive website for the world’s largest automotive community, MotorTrend. The group has commissioned to create content driven hub, directed to international and domestic markets, providing leading news in the automotive world.
• Design and User Research
• Information Architecture
• Prototyping
• User Experience Design
• User Testing

Global Design System
Reusable Global Components
A global ecosystem of style libraries and sprites was build in order to have uniformed look and feel. Comprehensive library of reusable components, converted to React libraries by developers.
Dynamic News Content congregates auto news for the reader, based on their interests and personal preferences settings. The website was also build for Indian, French and Spanish language speaking markets.
Beautiful Responsive Layout
Simple unobtrusive experience, presenting curated content for long time subscribers and new visitors. Users are able to get their news depending on preferences, view slideshows, watch videos and comment on articles read.
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